Delivery is carried out only from the territory of the USA to the countries of the customs union! Everything is completely safe and within the law. But still, no one needs to say that the package with steroids is coming to you, this is your safety. 

We have two delivery methods:

USA post (1st class) – its cost will be indicated when placing the order (the package arrives within 7-14 days at the address you specified at your post office, then a notification arrives, and you can pick up the parcel by mail);
EMS mail (courier) – its cost is also indicated when placing an order, but it is much more expensive than the cost of “USA Post” since the package arrives much faster. 5-7 days! 
(upon arrival of the parcel, the courier calls to your indicated phone number and discusses where and how to deliver it to you).

We undertake to send the parcel to your address within 2-6 business days, if the deadlines increase, we always inform you and put a bonus for the delay, but this is extremely rare. There are cases and everyone knows that when the USA mail is losing parcels, there is no fault of ours like yours, therefore we always find a way out of such a situation.

When receiving and unpacking an order, always record VIDEO. If something is missing or is in a broken condition, we will definitely send it within a few days. If there is no unpacking video, we can’t work on parole, there have been cases of fraud.