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Oatein oxymetholone buy Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich

“All baby sandwiches dream of becoming peanut butter cookie sandwiches when they grow up.⠀Only the strongest become true Oatein Nut-butter Cookie sandwiches.”

– Winston Oathill

The ultimate lazy day treat, these peanut butter filled cookies are an absolute smasher when you want to go a bit overboard and want zero hassle. Rich in protein and high quality peanut fats this recipe is a real winner. While it certainly isn’t ‘guilt-free’ it’s got much more nutritional value than your average high-street snack.

In terms of filling, you can opt for a high protein peanut butter spread. Whatever you choose, I’ve found a smooth peanut butter works best as it gives a lovely textural counterpoint to the slightly chewie, crumbly cookie. There’s nothing stopping you using a chocolate spread, but err on the side of low sugar unless you need (or deserve) the boost to your blood sugar levels.

Each Oatein cookie contains about 16.5g of protein so you’re looking at 33g for the whole experience, which is quite a big serving! Cut it in half and share it with your bestie, or save the other half for later, I’m sure it’ll go down very, very well indeed!

2 Oatein Cookies (We’d recommend Milk Chocolate)
Peanut Butter or Chocolate Spread – Try to contrast the flavour with the chocolate. Chocolate on chocolate can be a bit samey!
This one enantat couldn’t be simpler:

Get two cookies.
Lather the bottom of one cookie generously, (VERY generously!) with peanut butter.
Place the second cookie face up on the layer of thick peanut butter.

This one might be my favourite. All respect to you peanutters, but I’m team strawberry through and through.

The oats and banana combo give the Smasher a brilliantly thick texture that’s hard to beat and it’s jam packed with goodness. Low GI-Carbs, high in protein and rich in a range of antioxidants and vitamins. What more could you want?

Is there anything better than a good mug of coffee to start your day?

Yes. Our Coffee Lovers Protein Shake for one.

This recipe uses cold brewed coffee. If you haven’t cold brewed coffee before, it’s a delightfully low-effort way to brew, although test e steroid for sale it takes between 12 and 24 steep.

Pancakes? More like Fancakes because you’ll be a huge fan of these pancakes even if you think our puns are terrible!

These pancakes are mischievously guilt-free and the perfect way to cheat your tastebuds. Low in fat and low in sugar these pancakes are jam packed with a fantastic full-chocolate flavour.

Magnificently moist, this deceptive dessert looks much more decadent that it truly is. What’s more, it’s so easy to make that you can make one for all of your friends, and then make a few more and send them to us at Oatein. Deal? Deal.

You’ll probably want to make extra for yourself too, because as soon as you’ve had one bite you’ll wish you had another three to yourself!

Every day should be a cake day!

A few ingredients, 2 minutes of time and a microwave. That’s all you need to make every day a cake day. #LIVINGTHELIFE

Does making our avocado pudding make you a hipster? We couldn’t say, we wouldn’t judge you either way, you hipster!

Avocados are rich in healthy fats, folate, carotenoids and are extremely heart healthy.

Creamy, thick and surprisingly nutritious, this super simple cake is easy to customise. We think peanut butter goes particularly well. If you’re a wild child, why now smother it in healthy coconut whipped cream? Mmmmmm hmmmm